While trying to decide on an image for this week, I couldn’t think of anything that was so polarizing as say, Aaron Rodgers getting hurt, or any wild upset. The thing that came to mind mostly was Taylor Swift and her injection into the NFL. As it would seem, her Swifties are now heavily involved too. Somehow I feel like if the Chiefs make it to the Superbowl, the entire crowd will be screaming Swifties having a blast. I think it’s hilarious. Anyhow, time to Shake it Off and get back to the football.

After a very wild week 4 where we saw six poolies get eliminated, where week 5 had zero. Milo, Delany, Cousin Taryn, Kody, Gary and Alicia got the raw end of the deal in week 4, but only Alicia and Gary bought back in.

Paddy rode the first five weeks on the razor’s edge, and somehow survived without using any of the big guns in his arsenal. This makes him the current favorite to win the pool. While most of us have already used KC, SF and Dallas, he hasn’t used any of those. You have to give it to him for the courage.

The pot size is at 2K, and that will be the final number. Congrats on making it this far.

Btw, for those using the site you’ll see several improvements. Now when you enter your pick your entry is automatically shown to you. Also, the dropdown now shows only the teams that you can select. Any team you have chosen already will not be shown to you. Also, if you try and enter a pick after you’ve been eliminated, you won’t be able to. You can also sort the main list by your name, or another players name to make things easier if you’re deciding on what to do based on your opponents selections.

Good luck in week 5!

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