While most of us played it safe with the two heavy favorites on the board, pool hustler Edmund Chow went a little off brand by taking the 5 point favored Buffalo Bills on a neutral field in England. That didn’t pay off as Buffalo looked flat, only scoring 20 points and moving to an unimpressive 3-2 on the season.

With the rebuy option not available, we say goodbye to Edmund, and that takes us to single digits left in the pool. Nine of us remain.

There are three big favorites in week 6: Miami, Buffalo and Kansas City, but most of the pool have already used them. Things are about to get interesting.  

Remember when I called Paddy the big favorite because he hadn’t even touched most of those big guns? Well, get ready for the payout, folks! In the next couple of weeks, there won’t be many big favorites left for the rest of us to pick. While Paddy’s lounging at High Fives, sipping Sambucca and kicking back, the rest of us will be sweating through nail-biting games. Cheers to Paddy, the laid-back genius!

It should be exciting down the stretch. Good luck everyone. 


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