In a week with lots of double digit favorites, it should have been smooth sailing for everyone involved, but for those of us who backed Maimi, who were down 14-0 in a matter of minutes, and Buffalo who tried their best to lose to an awful New York Giants team, it was anything but. 

Half the pool was on Miami, and it didn’t look great in the opening 10 minutes. But Miami did what Miami does, and that’s score points. 42 of them to be exact, so not only did they win, but they also covered the 14.5pt spread. Pretty wild.

Buffalo was shut out at home until the 4th quarter when Josh Allen and the boys woke up and scored 14 straight points. Not only that, but the referees were on their side ignoring a blatant holding call in the end zone on the final play. Teflon Paddy survives another scare. This guy is luckier than a dog with….

Now this week coming up is very interesting. There are NO double digit favorites, and no obvious team to back either. We all made it though week 6, I would be shocked if we’re all here after week 7.

As always, good luck and we’ll see you next week. Or maybe we wont…

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