The last person to enter a pick was Kenny Yee. The previous 8 selections were ALL Seattle, meaning that if Ken had chosen Seattle too, everybody would have advanced, even if we all lost. One of those unique spots in a pool that can happen around this time of the season. But Kenny made a surprise play by taking the Bills on the road.

The Bills have been a very odd team this season. They gave Miami, their only loss. This is the red hot, record breaking Miami Dolphins, the week after they put up 70 points against Denver.

So Kenny without knowing it, could have won the pool outright with a Bills win and a Seattle loss. However, that’s not what happened. The bi-polar bills played about as badly as they could, and were beaten by the 1-5 New England Patriots.

We say goodbye to China for this year, and we’re now down to eight left.

As always, good luck in week 8.

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