Butter Fingers Boyd

As we get further into the NFL season, and pool players are forced to take teams that are not double digit favorites, crazy things happen. 

Last week most of the pool was on the HEAVILY favored Dallas Cowboys who did not disappoint. They won 49-17, even covering the 18pt spread that they were tagged with.

Unfortunately for Alica and Glen, who had already used Dallas, they were forced to play the moderately favored Bengals at home, who were tasked with facing the red hot Houston Texans. It was a really close game, that ended with a dropped pass in the end zone by Tyler Boyd.

It’s a rough way to go out, but that’s how things work in this pool. It’s always rough.

The only other player of note was Scott who went a little off the board by taking the 5-3 Pittsburgh Steelers and their -3 spread. It was a close game all the way through, but Pittsburgh held off the Packers with their stout defense and won.

We are now down to six players, and as usual, good luck in week 11.

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