Last week it was Danny Devito who took out the Washington Redskins. Well, that and the 8 turnovers they had. But he did it again in week 12. 

Scotty was the latest victim was was backing the New England Patriots over the mighty NY Giants. Danny Devito orchestrated a masterful 10 points, which was enough to topple the Patriots who missed a very long 37 yard field goal at the end of the game. Devito was incredible with over 60 yards passing on the day.

I spoke of Paddy’s strategy earlier in the season about saving all the big guns for the end. And it looks like it’s paying off as he’s able to relax while the rest of the pool is sweating.

The rest of the pool now only consists of Trevor who cruised to a win with the Tennessee Titans.

We’re down to two. Good luck fellas.

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