While most of us played it safe with the two heavy favorites on the board, pool hustler Edmund Chow went a little off brand by taking the 5 point favored Buffalo Bills on a neutral field in England. That didn’t pay off as Buffalo looked flat, only scoring 20 points and moving to an unimpressive



Updates have been a little scarce. I have been writing the code to make this thing work, but I think we’re almost there. If you have an ideas on how to improve things, let me know. We enter week 4 here after a bad week for the league coordinators. We were both turfed. Me (Gary)

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Aaron Rodgers 1

What A Week

I used Aaron Rodgers in the opening blog for this site because he was the biggest story in the offseason. And much like the offseason, he was again the biggest story of week 1, and for all the wrong reasons.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, making his debut with the New York Jets, was carted off the

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